America’s most amazing places to ski

America has a large number of options to choose from when it comes to places to ski, owing to its voluptuous mountains and curvy hills. The country boasts some of the best ski resorts in the world situated in western, eastern and midwestern spheres of the United States.

Resorts in Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Colorado just to a name few are some of the areas of mention from tourists across the globe on the perfect escape to your snow season getaway and adventure seeking nature.

If you are traveling as a family there is no better than to look at a ski resort in areas that can bring more than enough family activities but also allow you to take long drives through scenic routes with the range of cars for rent at our many car rental agents situated near most bus, train and airplane terminals. A skiing trip needs a lot of luggage space especially for a big family due to the number of bags packed to accommodate the cold and icy weather at your final destination. Car rentals have the options of
luxurious or standard family vans that can accommodate your family and all of your luggage.

To enjoy a scenic route whilst driving to your ski resort of choice in any one of the popular states, here are five options to consider as a family that will have everyone from mom to children gasping with excitement and looking forward to the holidays;

Telluride ski resort in Colorado has a warm and welcoming ambiance with a sense of community and the most enveloping mountains. With great entertainment scheduled for the kids such as a camp, happy hour and a night out. The parents will have no trouble finding ways to be adventurous snow biking or snowshoeing

  • Aspen Mountain in Colorado has a luxurious feel with top of the range of dining experiences. The lodges look like a dream and a perfect place to take a morning hike in an area previously used as a silver mining camp
  • Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah is hidden in the 12000-foot Mount Timpanogos. The resort is surrounded with depths and depths of protected wilderness which makes for the perfect a place to spend quality and quiet time as a family.

  • Sun Valley is the oldest and one of the longest standing ski resorts in Indiana, US. With the most hospitable staff and breath-taking views, it’s no wonder tourists call it their second home

  • Tao Ski Valley in New Mexico is a paradise for the experienced skiers to showcase their skills and explore the untouched rocky nature and mountains. Tao ski is 15 miles into the mountains making that drive through the mountains a perfect scenic delight.

With your best ski places, all mapped out and the different the options that make them all unique. It’s important to ensure that your car rental option is a car that can manage itself in the snow and also through a mountainous drive through your scenic route. A car that can manage the family’s skiing kit check with a ski rack or a roof box to accommodate all the equipment. Check that the tires of the car rental are in a safe condition to handle the snow and also that it has a tow bar should you need assistance out of an unplanned situation.

Ski trips bring great memories and amazing travel adventures with family and loved ones. The perfect car rental can make all the difference in your drive to one of America’s finest ski resorts.